Welcome to Executive Conversations

We believe that having conversations with purpose, be it coaching conversations, critical, crucial, or difficult conversations, or merely day to day engagement conversations is the key to clarity in relationships and purpose. Executive Conversations is a management consultancy specialising in assisting individuals, teams, and organisations to conduct meaningful conversations to achieve goals in the workplace. Our speciality is working with high potential leaders who are seeking to become better managers and leaders in the workplace. We have worked with:

  • Leaders requiring a sounding board to gain better clarity on the strategic way forward
  • Teams that have been newly created as a result of restructure, mergers or acquisitions
  • Employees wanting to enhance their ability to manage conflict
  • Leadership teams seeking to enhance their team effectiveness
  • Teams in conflict and seeking a way forward for optimum performance
  • Organisations requiring an independent facilitator to develop their strategic and business plans
  • Managers moving from a technical role to a leadership role and seeking to improve their people
    management skills

We also have expertise in workplace conflict/dispute resolution and have worked extensively throughout Australia diagnosing conflict, working with groups in conflict, conducting workplace climate reviews, and conflict coaching.

We also assist Boards in the conduct of 360degree CEO performance reviews.